Programming June - October 2019!

The Great Woodard Redo

Woodard Plaza has been reborn!  At the request of the Woodard Cultural Alliance (that’s us), the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) has restored the planters from the ground up.  Under the expert leadership of Jeff Brink,  Chicago’s Senior Forester, the drainage has been corrected, the old dirt stripped away and replaced with new dirt over a weed barrier, replanted drought-tolerant perennials that deter rodents, and finished with 1″ black lava rock in a 4″ thick layer.  The plants are:
Nepeta Six Hills Giant
Zizia aurea
Echinacea pupurea ‘Magnus’

Now it’s up to us to maintain this jewel of a public space so that it can be an asset for the neighborhood.  Routine maintenance will be required in way of yearly spring perennial clean-up, periodic weeding (at 7-14 day intervals), infrequent tree pruning when applicable (BOF permits required), and trash/litter removal.  We will send out another newsletter in early Spring to organize crews and do a walk-through with Jeff Brink.

Many thanks from the WCA leadership team to all of you who got out there and weeded, mulched, picked up trash and dead rats; to Vanessa Irizzary and Lubica Benak of CDOT who forged new ground within the City bureaucracy to get this done; to Dante’s Pizza and Crown Liquors.

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