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To Weed or Not to Weed?

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) sent their landscaping supervisors to Woodard Plaza today to see how the new plantings were coming along and to educate us on which were weeds and which weren’t.   Since these are native plants it’s not always obvious. They said that for this first year while the garden is getting established we will need to weed every two weeks. 

Volunteer weeders will get a free beer from Crown Liquors. You heard that right. Free beer for volunteers. Volunteer here. (link)

Meet the species

l to r: Cone flower (July), weed, Cat Mint (June), Zizia (May)
l to r: Bald Cypress, Flowering Crab, Triumph Elm

For those of you who like to get into the weeds about weeds, here is a follow-up e-mail from one of City’s landscape specialists:

Efforts will be maximized if weeding is heavily focused to once a week or more if needed in late April through early June.   A pre-emergent granular weed control applied in spring will greatly assist with weed reduction though you will want to read and follow the product label.  From July to October weeding frequency once every 2 weeks should be adequate.  

It’s always best to remove the weeds prior to seed set, before they flower, and while they remain small.    We find it best to remove weeds in the morning while temperatures are cooler and the ground moist. 

The weed present within the beds in called Pennycress.  Unfortunately, it was blown in from the surrounding area.  The filter fabric should prevent weeds from establishing in the soils beneath.  Consequently any weeds that are appearing will have shallow roots making for easy removal and their seed more susceptible to the pre-emergent, if applied.  

Pennycress — pretty but invasive

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