Programming June - October 2019!

Peace Songs Sing-a-long

No, you weren’t having a flashback to the Summer of Love if you walked by Woodard Plaza this afternoon. It was the opening event for Hairpin Arts Center exhibit, “Endless War: Memory, Trauma and Resistance” through June 9. It’s a four-day event celebrating the powerful impact of art and activism in a world torn by war and violence featuring visual and performance art, workshops, veteran storytelling, interactive art projects, and voices calling for action and resistance.  More information here.

The event features My Lai Memorial Exhibit by Chicago Veterans for Peace which depicts the 1968 brutal massacre by U.S soldiers of more than 500 Vietnamese in their home village as a lens to confront the horror of war for those civilians caught on the other side of American firepower both in Vietnam and in our endless wars in the past 50 years, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

To counter the Pentagon and our political system’s constant stream of messages calling for aggressive militarism globally and in our own communities, the event also features “Posters of War and Resistance”. The art works powerfully expose to the trauma of war from the viewpoint of returning veterans and community activists, inspire resistance and speak for peace and social justice.

ENDLESS WAR invites us to face the painful impact of our political and military actions and become actively engaged in changing ourselves, our communities and our world to create a more tolerant, just and peaceful society that celebrates our common humanity and rejects violence and war.

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