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Lookin’ Good Woodard!

Chicago Dept. of Transportation crews were at the plaza today to replace 122 young plants that people had trampled to death.  Sorry, I guess I could’ve sugar-coated that, but let’s just call it what it is. The landscape supervisor said that once they get a little bigger people will step around them.  The CDOT crew watered and fertilized them today so that they’ll have a fighting chance.

Speaking of weeds, CDOT has been so on top of taking care of the beds that there haven’t been enough weeds to call in the Woodard Weeders — yet.  What has been sprouting like weeds is the trash.  I’ve been picking up what I can on the days when I walk to my studio, but if more of us picked up a few pieces every time we passed by, (aka “plogging”) we could keep Woodard lookin’ good ourselves.

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