Weeders Needed

Ever feel the need to weed? Like free beer?  You're in luck!   Crown Liquors will buy a beer for every volunteer who helps weed Woodard Plaza.  Twice a month from May through September the planting beds on Woodard Plaza have to be weeded, at least during this first year while the new landscaping gets established.  In 2018, the Chicago Department of Transportation replaced all of the original plants that had been killed by weeds and fixed the drainage.  Now it's up to us to keep it that way.  If you want to join the Woodard Weeders, please get in touch with us at info@woodardculturalalliance.com.

Woodard Plaza: Before and after 2018 restoration

Woodard Plaza: Before and after 2018 restoration


Become a Woodard Plaza Plogger

Why jog when you can plog?  Every time you walk, run, or amble by Woodard Plaza, pick up a piece of trash and throw it away.  That's it.  You're a "plogger!  "Plogging" originated in Sweden as a fitness movement.  It's a combination of the words jogging and plocka upp, "pick up" in Swedish.  So take the Woodard Plaza Plogger pledge and plocka upp trash the next time you're at Woodard Plaza.  And while you're at it, post a pic on Instagram at #woodardplaza.  Remember, no garbage, no glory.


Let your wallet do the work! *Please note "Woodard" in the special instructions section of your donation*

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